The USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) is making it easier for specialty crop growers to find crop insurance agents.

Marcia Bunger, RMA Administrator,  says the agency has developed a new searchable directory to make it easier for those producers to find the right agents since finding the right risk management tools for specialty crops and smaller-scale farmers can be daunting.

“We’ve asked crop insurance agents across the country to self-identify if they are experts in selling Whole Farm Revenue and by providing us that, we’ve now created a new searchable directory on our page,” explained Bunger. “We’re hoping that we’ll give producers that maybe weren’t always in the traditional lane of crop insurance, but yet, they’re very interested in having a policy that will cover their specialty crop farms, their vegetable farms, maybe urban ag types of operations.”

Bunger reminds growers that there are several options for crop insurance agents, and you may talk to a few before you find the right fit. She says it’s a long-term relationship, so it’s important to find an agent with a business style that compliments yours.

“Just because you find an agent the first time,” Bunger said, “that doesn’t mean you have to buy. But, get a sense of if you have a good feel for that probably long-term relationship and if you don’t, then maybe move on to the next. Experience different agents and how they interact with you…So, some additional advice would be to shop around.”

Whole Farm Revenue Protection and Micro Farm are two of the most comprehensive risk management plans available.

Specialty crop and small-scale producers can click HERE to access the RMA’s new searchable directory.