Vive Crop Protection Chemistry Benefits Row Crops, Sugar Beets
Sugar beets in Marlette, Mich. Photo: Ashley Davenport

Vive Crop Protection is a fairly new company. They have been selling on the market for the last four years, and their portfolio continues to grow.

Some of their product offering includes AZteroid FC fungicide for rhizoc for sugar beets, and other fungicides and insecticides for corn and soybeans, and their products are fertilizer compatibility. According to Dan Bihlmeyer, vice president of sales and marketing, Vive bases their technology on nanochemistry. With the very small particles, they create a type of shuttle.

“We refer to that shuttle system as Allosperse—it encases the active ingredient and when we encase that active ingredient, we’re able to protect it to be able to be mixed with liquid fertilizer,” said Bihlmeyer.

A farmer can use Vive products in combination with liquid fertilizer at planting, in the planter or in the spray tank and not have any combatability issues, said Bihlmeyer. He also said using these products are a more efficient use of resources.

“[You don’t] have to add additional equipment and save trips across the field, save diesel fuel and get the added convenience, benefit of yield and disease protection or insect protection with insecticide or fungicide as well as the fertilizer,” he said.

Sugar beets require a lot of inputs to make sure they’re protected for their long growing season. Since disease presence is quite high, fungicides are a key component to help that pressure. Bilhmeyer said that AZteroid FC and Midac FC can help protect sugar beets.

“A grower can apply the Azteroid FC with their fertilizer in their sugar beet planter, also put the Midac FC in the spray tank as well,” said Bihlmeyer. “[You] don’t have to worry about adding any combatability agent and the convenience and value that’s there for the grower. AZteroid FC could be applied folliar as they tend to follow a seven to 14 day spray schedule to protect those sugar beets as they grow.’

Michigan potato growers can also utilize this chemistry that Vive offers. For more information on Vive products, contact your local ag retailer.