So far, 31 percent of Michigan’s corn and 33 percent of the state’s soybeans have been planted, according to the USDA.

Stuart Welden, Field Sales Representative with Specialty Hybrids based out of Hillsdale County, Michigan.

However, Stewart Welden – a Field Sales Representative for Specialty Hybrids based in Hillsdale County says planting progress throughout Michigan is all over the map in terms of completion.

“I think we have one of the widest ranges on corn progress that I’ve seen,” according to Welden. “I would say there are areas where there’s only ten percent planted, and there are areas that are 90 percent planted. It just depends on how heavy the ground is. I would have estimated in my area around 45 percent.”

Welden adds that there has already been discussions with Michigan farmers about having to replant corn and soybeans that were put into the ground in mid-April.

“I would say our earliest window was April 10th and April 20th,” says Welden. “There were definitely some soybeans that went in the ground. The health of the soybeans was directly proportional to how much water they had to tolerate. The temperature was also definitely an issue. With full seed treatment, most growers are feeling pretty comfortable. However, there will be some pockets where there was flooding or the seeds sat underwater for for way too long. Those will be replants, but as of right now, we’re looking at spotting in for replants and not having to replant whole fields.”

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