If you ask farmers what the number one issue facing agriculture today is, many of them will say labor. The H-2A program is there to help farmers get the labor they need, but the process, which includes hundreds of steps and a tremendous amount of time to complete, could be described as a lesson in frustration. Enter Croft, a company looking to simplify the H-2A process.

“With Croft, we built one of the first software platforms that really go right to the heart of the matter, and we immediately help growers and employers save time, money, and hassle around all of the moving parts to that H-2A process,” says Scott Prince, CEO and co-founder of Croft.

Croft was born out of Purdue University’s Digital Innovation in Agri-food Systems Laboratory, or DIAL Ventures. Purdue was the initial investor in the company and they utilized university resources, like research, to get the company up and running.

The H2-A process has inherently burdensome barriers. Croft helps by helping get your farm in order.

“So that all of your documents, data, worker activities are in one place and you know it has the guardrails that are compliant with either the federal Department of Labor, state workforce agency, or any of the other guidelines or laws,” Croft explains. “That’s an important confidence to build as you move forward so that you can get back to what you do best, which is farming, not necessarily being an accountant or a lawyer or a legal professional around a very complicated federal program like H-2A.”

A 10-minute demo with Croft will show what the software is all about. They also offer free trials where you can input your own data or use their example data to test the system for yourself.

“Only then, we’d like you to become a paying customer…it’s only a few thousand dollars a year, and the ROI is tenfold usually when we start talking to the customers who use this in a variety of different ways.”

Get started by visiting withcroft.com.