A cold weekend kicks off a cold week and a chilly pattern that looks to hold into May. This weekend low pressure sits over the Great Lakes and we will see clouds circulate over the region, particularly on Saturday, but lingering through Sunday in spots too. We won’t rule out spits, sprinkles and even a few wet snowflakes Saturday. The cold air holds through midweek next week, although with sunshine working through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we wont feel as chilly. Still, we can’t rule out a few spits and sprinkles late Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night.

Temps moderate Thursday and Friday, with temps getting back closer to normal. A slow moving, cut-off low works through over the weekend next weekend. Saturday and Sunday will feature rain and then colder air. The threat of moisture lingers into the start of the next week on May 1. All told, weekend moisture will add up to 0.35”-1.25” over 90% of the state. The UP may miss out on the bigger moisture moisture next weekend.

Extended Period:

Cold air remains in play for Tuesday the 2nd, and then we see a nice warming surge for the rest of the week. The pattern goes wetter again to finish the week, with rain showers likely Thursday night and Friday night, the 4th and 5th. Rain totals will be 0.5” or less with 80% coverage. Another surge of cold air out of Canada comes across the Great Lakes for the 6th and 7th. Plenty of clouds are likely in that air mass, and we won’t rule out lingering showers as well. Temps are easily below normal.

Weeks 3 & 4:

Cool temps remain as the biggest threat in the week 3 and week 4 forecasts. We actually end up on the drier side of normal on precipitation both weeks. The level we are below normal suggests we see a minor front each week, but in no way can expect excessive rainfall.

Week 3 Precipitation (Green = above normal, Brown = below)

Week 3 Temperatures (yellow/orange = above normal, blue = below)

Week 4 Precipitation (Green = above normal, Brown = below)

Week 4 Temperatures (yellow/orange = above normal, blue = below)