New Dairy Analyzer Tool Helps Farmers Assess Risk, Protect Revenue

GreenStone Farm Credit Services is pleased to provide dairy producers with an exclusive tool, designed expressly for members who have signed a Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) application with our crop insurance team. The Dairy Revenue Protection Analyzer will help each farmer track and forecast expected income, calculate potential losses, and design risk management based on actual quarterly statistics.

“The DRP Analyzer gives dairy farmers the security of knowing they’ve made the right risk management decisions,” says GreenStone Crop Insurance Specialist Robert Netrefa. “When producers come to me with questions, we can use the analyzer tool to view how the insurance policy would perform under specific conditions.”

The DRP Analyzer enables GreenStone cooperative members to follow LIVE daily tracking of producer endorsements and to develop operational projections based on production and revenue floors. The dairy industry comes with an array of seasonal variables; this new tool allows side-by-side comparisons of coverage details unique to each farmer’s operation, including tracking income, calculated loss probability and personalized risk management.

Ease of use, instant reports and ongoing development to add extra features and benefits make GreenStone’s DRP Analyzer an invaluable peace-of-mind tool for planning.

Dairy Revenue Protection is a federally subsidized product and provides insurance for differences between the final revenue guarantee and actual milk revenue, if prices fall. It also offers a choice of prices, from those that focus on cheese, to fresh milk, protein or butterfat. Coverage levels are available from 80 to 95 percent of revenue. 

For information about Dairy Revenue Protection, or to access the free DRP Analyzer tool, contact your GreenStone crop insurance specialist.

Source: GreenStone press release