National Pork Board President Heather Hill on Pork Industry Accomplishments in 2022
Heather Hill, President of the National Pork Board.

2022 has been a very good year for the pork industry – from the growth of exports to new advancements in technology. That’s why one farmer who leads the country’s pork checkoff says she’s proud of the pork industry’s accomplishments during this past year.

“My number one priority is providing an affordable and nutritious product to families across the world,” says Heather Hill, who farms east of Indianapolis near Greenfield, Indiana. She is also President of the National Pork Board. Hill says the organization has been promoting both the safety of pork and the sustainability of pork production.

“First, we’re continuing to bust consumer myths about modern pork production,” says Hill. “Tackling these commonly-held misconceptions builds trust in our industry and our products. Second, sustainability continues to be a strong focus for our team. We are on a mission to protect our freedom to operate and demonstrate that pork and crop farming are sustainable.”

Hill points to a higher number of pork exports as one of the major successes of the pork industry in 2022.

“American consumers are increasing their consumption of ground pork, and we’re expanding the presence of ground pork in the meat case,” according to Hill. “Internationally, we export U.S. pork to more than 95 countries. We’re working to build confidence in U.S. pork and differentiate our product from our competitors. This year, we’ve seen exponential growth in markets in the Western Hemisphere, like Mexico, Colombia, and the Caribbean.”

Even though Hill says she is proud of the accomplishments of the National Pork Board this past year, she says it’s all about the future of the pork industry – and working now to ensure the success of the next generation of America’s pork producers.

“I serve to benefit my children, their friends, and the next generation of all pig farmers. Protecting our freedom to operate and protecting pork’s place on the plate are essential to our future.”

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