Michigan’s Corn Yields are ‘Very Solid’ Says Specialty Hybrids Agronomist

So far in Michigan, 43 percent of corn has been harvested for grain and 77 percent of soybeans have been harvested, according to the USDA as of Oct. 30.

Tom Manney – Technical Agronomist for Specialty Hybrids – says harvest has been moving along very well as most of Michigan has avoided a lot of big rain outs this fall. He says that has given a lot of farm operations a chance to focus on getting their soybean and corn crops out of the fields.

Manney adds that corn yields so far have been “very solid.”

“Corn yields have been a little bit sporadic, to be honest. There are some areas of the state that caught a little bit less rain than others. But, for the most part, operations are very happy with where their yields are at,” says Manney.

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