Michigan farmer participation needed for multi-state on-farm research survey

Survey data collected from Michigan growers will help understand farmer perception of on-farm research.

Michigan State University Extension, in collaboration with Kansas State University, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and The Ohio State University, is looking for Michigan farmers to participate in a multi-state survey.

The goal of this project is to evaluate farmer’s views and approaches to on-farm research. Additionally, this survey will assess motivation of farmers to participate in on-farm research as well as the importance of on-farm research to their operations. Information collected from this project will help promote on-farm research and improve engagement between farmers and university Extension systems.

The short survey only takes 5-10 minutes to complete and will not need any information from your records. Your responses are completely voluntary and anonymous. Please fill out the survey by June 15. For any questions related to this survey, please contact Manni Singh at [email protected], 517-353-0226.

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