If you were at Commodity Classic in Houston, you couldn’t help but notice—not one, but two huge new combines on display by John Deere.

Their new S7 Series of combines was officially introduced last week during Commodity Classic.

Bergen Nelson, John Deere go-to-market manager for harvesters, says their new S7 Series is designed to be even more productive while using far less fuel.

“We’re really happy to show our producers the improved efficiencies that we’re bringing with new power systems,” says Nelson. “Also, the 20-percent productivity increase that we’re going to see through new harvesting automation technology including predictive ground speed automation and harvest settings automation. Our customers are also going to see a 10-percent improvement in their fuel efficiency.  We know that really impacts their bottom line, so we’re excited to see how those new engines perform in the field.”

The John Deere S7 Series features four different models:

  • S7 600: 333hp/249kw rated power; 367hp/274kw max power
  • S7 700: 402hp/300kw rated power; 460hp/343kw max power
  • S7 800: 473hp/353kw rated power; 540hp/402kw max power
  • S7 900: 543hp/405kw rated power; 617hp/460kw max power


The new John Deere S7 Series combines will be equipped with either the JD14 13.6L engine, or the JD9 9L engine, both in Final Tier 4 configuration, from John Deere Power Systems. Designed to produce higher power at lower RPMs, these powerhouses offer improved all-conditions performance and advanced diagnostics capabilities

In addition to power, the S7 Series combines also features some new technology from John Deere.

“Predictive ground speed automation is using two new cameras on the front of our cab looking 28 feet out in front of the cutter bar and it’s looking at crop height and crop density,” he says. “Then we’re using a predictive yield layer map on top of that. With that information we can proactively speed up and slow down the combine throughout the field to make sure that we’re taking advantage of the capacity of the machines with the new S7 series. That’s bringing that 20-percent productivity increase through that technology.”

The S7 Series combines also offer a new high-efficiency residue management system. Featuring straight knives, a mechanical tailboard drive, and the available Premium PowerCast™ tailboard, the S7 Series combines can more consistently size and spread fine- or extra-fine cut residue up to 45 feet, while drawing up to 15 fewer hp for residue management functions.

Your local John Deere dealer will be taking orders later this year and you’ll begin seeing these S7 Series combines in the fields for 2025.

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