Farming has become a high-tech business with new digital platforms available to help agronomists. One digital farming tool that is available is xarvio® FIELD MANAGER by BASF.

“We’re just really excited about putting together a platform that’s helping agronomists bring the best decisions that they can to the grower,” says Justin Gayliard, Director of Digital Farming with BASF Agricultural Solutions.

He says xarvio® FIELD MANAGER is designed for agronomy consultants to help growers identify concerns with their fields throughout the planting and growing seasons in order to maximize their yields at harvest.

“The idea here is to create a platform and a tool that helps them bring the most powerful insights to their growers,” says Gayliard. Disease is disease and pests are pests—so, this is a tool that gives an alert of when those diseases are coming into play, and then the agronomists can decide what they want to do about that.”

He says xarvio® FIELD MANAGER shows and compares data for fields across several different seasons.

“Right now, we’re using satellite imagery to capture what’s happening on the ground level and give feedback and use Power Zones, which are looking at seven years of history, and biomass maps,” according to Gayliard. “The biomass maps are where the most productive areas of the field are, so we’re able to combine that and give you an immediate look at the history of the field in one day.”

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