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It’s all about empowering farmers and ag producers to share their stories first-hand. That’s why there’s a brand-new company and digital platform called Make Hay.

“Ultimately, what Make Hay does is we pay farmers for content that they create on their land,” says Scott Nelson, CEO of Make Hay.

“One of the reasons why we created Make Hay was generally around food transparency and this idea that consumers, now more than ever, want to know more about where their food comes from. This is a fact and there’s data all around it,” says Nelson.

He says his company’s goal is to not only help share stories of farmers and ag producers, but also to amplify and empower the voice of America’s agriculture industry.

“Raw, real authentic content is where you’re seeing a lot of the engagement,” he says. “Where we can help brands, companies, and subscribers to our platform—that is what we bring. It’s getting to know the farmers and their stories—the stories that they want to tell, by the way—but it’s really getting to know them very intimately, so that’s what we’re bringing is that larger stage to be heard at Make Hay.”

Nelson adds that farmers and ag producers who share their user generated content with Make Hay will receive monetary compensation for their content.

“That is the primary driver of why we built Make Hay. It is to indeed provide that secondary income stream to farmers. That is our core reason why we exist,” he says. “We want to make sure that we not only showcase our farmers in the ag industry at large, but we also want to be able to help them from a monetary standpoint.”

Nelson credits Purdue University and Purdue’s DIAL Ventures for helping launch Make Hay.

“Purdue University has a really reputable innovation fellowship program run by their DIAL Ventures group and they provided me the opportunity and the surrounding network to develop ultimately what we did in Make Hay.”

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