According to the latest USDA Crop Progress Report, 40 percent of Michigan’s corn and 70 percent of the state’s soybeans are harvested. Both percentages are behind the five-year averages, which are 54 and 74 percent respectively for corn and soybeans.

“Moisture levels for corn are creeping down,” according to John Craft, Technical Agronomist for Specialty Hybrids based out Eaton County. Craft advises farmers throughout western Michigan.

“We didn’t have quite the fall drying weather we normally do in October, so that’s slowed harvest progress down. Now, grain elevators are getting flooded with corn. I’ve heard of two-to-four hour wait times at the elevators,” says Craft.

Much of the added times at the grain elevators are likely due to higher corn yields at higher moisture levels, which are leading the elevator facilities to run their corn through their dryers at full capacity which is slowing down the process further.

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