Harvest continues to limp along due to another week of wet, cool weather. According to the USDA’s latest crop progress report, 24 percent of Michigan’s corn and 43 percent of the state’s soybeans are harvested.

Phil Probst with Family Ag Services—a Specialty Hybrids dealer based out of St. Joseph County—describes soybean harvest progress and soybean yields across southern Michigan.

“Soybean yields have been up there this year—not quite as high as last year,” according to Probst. “It’s hard to tell since we only had about two days of soybeans running in the last month. Two nights ago we had a killing frost, so that’ll help out, but we’re still waiting on moistures to go down for the plants to ripen.”

Schuman says Michigan’s corn harvest progress has been slow as well.

“We’ve been running in the 250-bushel per acre range for irrigated corn. Moisture levels have been higher than normal, but the yields have been up. The test weights have been a little bit lower. We did find out the other day they’re starting to test for vomitoxin in the corn, but everybody’s kind of waiting on weather.”

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