We finally have some good news to share from Michigan Ag Today Chief Meteorologist Ryan Martin in his Seed Genetics Direct Harvest Weather Forecast.

Before we get to the good news, there are still some rains we have to get through this weekend.

“We’re going to be seeing some hit and miss action around for the weekend, Saturday and even a bit Sunday, but the focal point on rains is a little bit farther south,” Martin says. “So, I think you have to draw a line from the tip of The Thumb back to around the Grand Rapids area. South of that line is where we can see some precipitation, but it’s mostly going to be a quarter to three quarters of an inch here for that Sunday timeframe. The only place we’re seeing super heavy potential is down in the far southeastern tip of Michigan.”

Following those rains will be colder temperatures.

“Northern areas that are not seeing as much moisture, especially on Sunday, are going to be feeling the chill. And then as we move through Sunday night into Monday, this cold arctic airmass races down across the entirety of the Great Lakes. It’s going to be very chilly here. But overall, we’re looking at hard freezes, a couple of nights of solid frosts, and daytime highs that are stuck in the low 40s. The Great Lakes are still rather warm, so that’s going to produce some cloud cover closer to the Great Lakes shores, but outside of that we do not see any major weather issues.

I promised good news and here it is. Though it’ll be chilly, Martin is calling for a dry stretch.

“Drying is a little bit slow, but we are rain free for at least six straight days from Sunday night right on through Saturday. And I think we can continue the dry stretch on into the end of next weekend and the following week if we keep our fingers crossed.

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